Hello world!

My name is Mark Gardner and this is my Keybase site. You can use this as a starting point to verify that the person you're talking to online is me. Start by downloading this site’s PGP-signed Keybase file and pasting it into this form. You can also find other ways to verify there.


Wikipedia has far more than you ever wanted to know about PGP, but the quick version is that it lets people digitally encrypt and/or sign almost anything using public keys. You can use it to send me messages (e.g., email) that only I can read and reassure yourself that what you see from me online actually came from me.


Keybase uses PGP to enable secure messaging, but it also publicly links PGP keys to web sites and social accounts. So if you know me from one of the sites listed on my Keybase profile like Twitter, GitHub, or Reddit, you can be sure that everything else proven on my Keybase profile is from me as well. You can learn more about Keybase proofs in the Keybase Book.

What about Facebook?

Keybase used to support Facebook proofs, but Facebook revoked their permission. But you can still get my PGP public key from my Facebook contact page and compare it to the one on Keybase. (It’s the second key on my profile.)

My blog

Periodically I write longer things on my blog The Phoenix Trap. Like everything else here, you can verify with Keybase that I own the website, and the same person you're talking to online also blogs there.

Secure email

My address is [email protected] and I digitally sign my email so that it can be verified with my public PGP key, which you can also find on my Keybase profile with the fingerprint code 42F3 CA89 8CB0 8A45. You can use the same public key to encrypt email so that only I can open it.

Your email program may already be configured to look up keys on a public key server. I've submitted mine to these two:

If you don't have a PGP-enabled email program, all is not lost! Fill in my Keybase user name mjgardner into this encryption form and the results will be for my eyes only. You can also verify the digitally signed messages that I send you.

Public SSH key

If you would like me to access a server over SSH, please add my public key to the appropriate ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Thanks!